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The Principal’s Message…

A warm and hearty welcome to all the viewers of the website of

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.7 CISF Jaipur

Having a well-designed, interactive and accessible website is crucial for any educational institute. A Vidyalaya website needs to be a place where students and parents can go to learn anything and everything they need to know about that Vidyalaya. The website acts as constant representative where students can gain first-hand information about the way a Vidyalaya works and where current students can go to find everything from the teachers. This is why it is crucial that a Vidyalaya website is constantly updated and easy for students or parents to use.

The website of Kendriya Vidyalaya No.7 JAIPUR is so unique that it updates every current news and information that viewers including parents and students know about.

The website of the Vidyalaya shows events, notices of future events and serves as assistance to teachers, parents and students. The website is yet another communicating link between the Vidyalaya and the viewers who are closely related to the Vidyalaya.

The website plays a vital role that it makes the parent viewers more aware about the Vidyalaya functioning and also feel involved. Parents can be easily informed about the upcoming events like activities, exams and also tips that could help children. Teachers can share their views and ideas with the rest of the faculty as well as the parents. Parents can give the Vidyalaya and the teachers their valuable feedback. Parents get the opportunity to become well -versed with the education system of their wards. The website describes the background of the Vidyalaya, its history, contact details, etc. It contains all the day to day information or notice like upcoming inter and intra Vidyalaya events, holidays, parent- teachers’ meeting, etc. It avails blogs and forums to give opportunities to have interactions. It provides information about teaching aids, teaching materials, journals, lesson plans and other education resources, photo gallery, and every other detail related to the functioning of the Vidyalaya.

Thank you for having visited the Vidyalaya website.  I believe you had a wonderful experience of viewing the site and I hope you are filled with satisfaction of updating you storehouse of knowledge and information pertaining to the Vidyalaya.

I encourage each one of you to visit the site at intervals to look for the latest updates. Thank you for your visit.





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